Busy week on the River Dart

Regatta week is here again in Dartmouth, how do we know?  because the fair rolled into town, loads of boats turned up and it’s raining!  Sunday and Monday saw the heats and semi finals for the rowing races take place with crews representing every drinking establishment in town racing the slightly cumbersome ‘whalers’ and the slippy ‘blue’ boats from the higher ferry to the lower ferry.  Monday was a foul day for rowing with a strong southerly wind and racing flood tide making it a hard pull up the course, but the best crews came through to race in the finals next Friday.

This week also saw the arrival of the newly built 3 masted lugger ‘Grayhound’ built by Marcus and Freya down in Millbrook, Plymouth.  She is a replica 18th century lugger, and Marcus and Freya plan to do traditional sailing holidays and sail training onboard, starting next spring.  see their website for more information, pictures and stories from the build.  she is a striking vessel and has been built extremely well.  I was onboard this morning and it is great to see the craftsmanship that has gone into the boat.  The interior is still pretty empty, so this winter will see them complete the fit out to provide 12 guest berths plus crew accomodation with a big open saloon under the cargo hatch.  it’s going to be a busy winter but it will be great to see something a little different on the charter scene next season.

Sunday was a hive of activity as the sun brought everyone out to play.  The Moody family with the newly launched ‘PETTIFOX’ went on their maiden voyage, clocking up 7.2knots close hauled on the way out of the river.  The two big motor yachts moored in the middle of the river, ‘CORVELIA’ a 1960 Silver Ormidale, and ‘WHITE MOUSE II’ the 1963 Philips 50 were also out enjoying the weather.  Both boats are maintained by David Rogers of Number 7 Marinecraft who is a whizz when it comes to paint and varnish work!

Ashley Butler was out and about in his newly launched 50′ gaff yawl that he has built for himself.  she is yet to be rigged but her masts are up and she looks like she is going to be a fast cruising boat.