Covid-19 update

Covid-19 update.

In these unprecedented and difficult times, many businesses have been forced to close their doors, hove to and ride out the storm.  Here at Wooden Ships we are lucky, I have office space at home with everything I need to keep the business running, all the files, historical reference books, our archive and importantly good communications.

Therefore, even though we cannot conduct viewings and visit new boats we are trying to keep the business moving forward knowing that this will not last forever and there is light at the end of the tunnel.

The office manned each day and we are fielding calls and emails.  Certainly the work load is a fraction of what we would expect at this time of year, but in the circumstances we are rather pleased.  It also gives us the chance to catch up with the more mundane jobs, such as updating the data base, that sometimes get forgotten when things are busy.

I also have my own boat at home, on her trailer, where I can work on her daily during the lockdown period.  I am hoping this will give me enough time to complete the refit so she is ready to sail this summer, if we are allowed out!  Photo above of my Folkboat, Wilma, currently in primer waiting for topcoat and varnish.

For many this has been a time for reflection, to look at the way we live our lives as a society, the impact we have on each other and the planet, to get some perspective and perhaps adjust our daily activities and future aspirations.  The planet seems to be healing rapidly so perhaps some of us will decide to take pleasure in the beauties of our own country rather than flying abroad every holiday, and if that means more people buying a beautiful classic yacht to enjoy summer breaks with their family then that will be just great for business!