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Kim Holman Sterling Bermudan Sloop

Wooden Ships Comments on this Kim Holman Sterling Bermudan Sloop

The Sterling, designed by Kim Holman, became one of his most popular designs and has been held in great acclaim ever since, heralded for their sailing qualities, space and comfort.  This particular boat was built by Jack Holman at his Uphams Yard, Brixham in 1963 and was one of 19 Sterlings he built.  The original owner, Mr Wilf Tarr, was a Torquay businessman and specified a particularly high quality yacht in comparison to many of the Sterlings being launched.  This meant the interior was finished to a much higher standard with lots of varnished teak rather than painted plywood, and the materials used in the hull were superior to that of the standard Sterling.

Sold by Wooden Ships on a number of occasions, she has spent time cruising extensively around the UK, northern France and Ireland and has benefitted from some very diligent owners who have updated and maintained her to a high level.  A major refit around 1996 saw a lot of refastening of hood ends and garboards, , re-galvanising of strap floors and re-fastening the oak floors.  Since then she has had a new Beta engine, new sails, rigging and keel bolts and all new covers and canvas work plus full annual maintenance.

This is probably one of the nicest examples of a Sterling that could be found and is now in commission and ready to sail.  They are ideal family boats that are easy to handle, are very safe and capable but have a decent amount of space and volume without excessive length.


Length on Deck                 28’9″

Length Waterline             22’6″

Beam                                    8’7″

Draft                                      4’8″

Thames Tonnage             7TM

Recent Refit Work



New genoa

Major engine overhaul

New mild steel keel bolts

New standing rigging

New running rigging

General rig overhaul

New LED navigation lights

New domestic and start batteries.

New solar panel for battery charging

New switch panel and fuse box



New Darglow Featherstream propeller

New pulleys and raw water pump on engine

New all-over cover

Sails, sprayhood and covers valeted/serviced

Emergency tiller made



New Hawk VHF aerial

Sails valeted and repaired as necessary

New lee cloths for bunks

New dodgers



Sail and cover cleaning and repairs



Strip all brightwork to bare wood and finish with 4 coats of International Woodskin

Paint the coachroof deck and hatch surround

Rudder removed, repaired and re-painted by Clare Lallows

New Hawk VHF aerial

New autopilot plug

New Whale Supersub Smart 650 auto bilge pump

Some interior paint and varnish

Painted topsides

Stanchion bases re-fastened

New fresh water pump and taps

Blakes sea toilet serviced

Sail valeting

John G. Alden Malabar Sloop

Wooden Ships Comments on this John G. Alden Malabar Sloop

33′ John Alden Malabar Sloop built by the Wing on Shing shipyard in 1959.

The previous owner bought the boat and put her into the care of a well known Cornish boatyard specialising in wooden boat repairs, who carried out a very thorough and no expense spared refit which was completed in 2001.  After that time the boat was used lightly each summer and has been wintered inside every year.  The current owner has kept her up to a very good standard, again wintering her undercover every year, and has raced in various classic regattas on the south coast.

The refit involved stripping the boat back to a bare shell inside, changing or checking all fastenings and bolts, fitting a new interior with all new systems, complete new rig and all necessary gear.  The deck was virtually new at the time of the refit so was not touched.

The Malabar is a very attractive design, typically American with the generous beam giving a lot of internal volume for her length.  The performance of these yachts is surprisingly good and she has collected a lot of silverware in recent years.

An excellent example of the class that has been well maintained and upgraded and has a full inventory of equipment


Length on Deck                              33’3”

Length Waterline                          24’2”

Beam                                               9’9”

Draft                                                5’4”

Thames Tonnage                          11TM

36′ Colin Archer Gaff Cutter

Wooden Ships Comments on this 36′ Colin Archer Gaff Cutter

Colin Archer style gaff cutter built by Kristian Djupevaag of Norway in approximately 1985.

Sailed to the UK by the current owner in 2016 when a thorough refit commenced which included localised plank and frame repairs to the hull, refit of the deck, engine and rig overhaul and removing the old interior which was not up to the standard of the original build.  Full list of work done below.

The vessel is now afloat and the rig being commissioned.  The engine is working well.

This is a very substantially built vessel with a solid hull and decks.  She will need an interior fitting, new systems and wiring and generally finishing off but is an excellent base to be working with.  The vessel is mobile under her own power and can be sailed away by the new owner.


Length on Deck                 36’

Length Overall

Beam                                    12’

Draft                                      6’


Refit work since 2016

  • Hull taken back to bare wood, damaged planking & consequent rot in stbd. quarter topsides identified & removed, new plank sections professionally fitted.
  • Affected frame tops cut out & new pieces scarphed on.
  • Mainsheet horse removed; deck taken up around cockpit.
  • Fuel tank removed from lazarette to give access to sternpost.
  • 2 new oak beams fitted; carlins & half-beams renewed & repaired where necessary.
  • Heavy-duty through-deck ringbolts fitted to stainless steel straps between beams (in preference to holes through beams) for new mainsheet arrangement and for halyards/topping lift by mast.
  • Cockpit rebuilt with marine ply (1” floor, ½”sides, all epoxy-sealed – glass fibre cloth over floor.  Painted with XtreemCoat polyurethane coating (plenty of grit on floor). New oak coamings, Canadian Spruce seats (bedded on marine ply).
  • Helmsman’s cockpit rebuilt using existing 6mm. aluminium floor (covered with gritted XtreemCoat) with ½” marine ply sides.
  • New oak pieces let into coverboard as necessary.
  • Deck refixed (all good condition, no renewal necessary, stainless hex. screws as good as new).
  • Rubbing strake renewed as necessary (most of stbd. side, short lengths on port).
  • New foresheet arrangement (oak with lignum pieces for ‘sweating’.
  • XtreemCoat applied to deck with liberal amount of grit for non-slip surface.
  • Interior gutted, inside of hull treated with Sovvaq preservative & linseed oil. (Used salt water-soaked towels to prevent excess drying out).
  • Mast removed & fed as much linseed oil as it would take up, Stockholm tar, wax & tallow fed into checks, then 4 coats of Jotun Benaroil.  Stored under cover.
  • Renewed one of oak cheeks supporting the Hounds, rebedded using Stockholm tar.
  • Scraped bare & repainted top of mast.
  • Re-served loops at top of standing rigging.
  • Spars oiled as mast.
  • New Airmar B744V bronze thru’hull transducer/log fitted (made for older Lowrance 193khz system, but should work with any 200khz unit….. bronze unit – the expensive bit! – would house a different transducer)
  • Motor given basic overhaul inc. new fuel pump, starter solenoid, fanbelt, rubber hoses, water pump diaphragm, sea-water inlet screen.
  • Variable pitch mechanism dismantled & overhauled.
  • New fuel tank.
  • Seacocks renewed.
  • New anode fitted.
  • Toilet totally renovated.
  • New companion steps and washboards

Norman Dallimore Bermudan Cutter

Wooden Ships Comments on this Norman Dallimore Bermudan Cutter

Designed by Norman Dallimore and built by C. Wiggins of Great Wakering in 1935.

Major and total rebuild carried out by the late owner, the work is partly completed and will need finishing by her next owner.  All work done so far has been to a very good standard and the hull and decks are largely complete.

She needs a cockpit, interior, rig, systems and equipment.  She has a Beta 25hp diesel engine but it has not yet been installed.


Length on Deck                 28’3”

Length Waterline             28’3”

Beam                                    9’1”


Thames Tonnage             8TM


Recent Refit Work List

  • New lead ballast keel cast
  • New bronze keel bolts
  • All new bronze centreline bolts
  • New fore and aft dead woods
  • New iroko transom
  • Various new sections of planking scarphed in, particularly hood ends
  • All hood ends and garboards refastened with bronze screws
  • Hull completely re-framed with steamed oak timbers and totally refastened with copper rivets
  • New oak stem
  • New grown oak floors across the centreline
  • New engine beds
  • New full length bilge stringer and engine beds
  • Complete new deck structure
  • New coachroof and coachroof deck
  • New cockpit frame work in place
  • New T&G bulkheads forward of saloon area

McGruer Bermudan Sloop

Wooden Ships Comments on this McGruer Bermudan Sloop

Designed and built by McGruers, launched in 1946.  She was the first boat to be launched from McGruers after the War, the owner had commissioned the build in 1939 and the timber lay in stick at the yard awaiting peace time when building of the yacht commenced.

She is unmistakably a McGruer and follows many of the design features of the racing meter yachts built by the yard, but she was designed as a fast cruiser with a comfortable interior and good headroom.  She has proved herself as a capable boat with a good turn of speed and a joy to sail.

She has been well maintained in her current ownership with a new engine in 2019 among the many upgrades.

A very attractive, fast and well maintained pedigree yacht with a well documented history.

Length on Deck                 42’3”

Length Waterline             30’

Beam                                    9’10”

Draft                                      6’7”

Thames Tonnage             14TM

Dickie of Tarbert Gaff Cutter

Wooden Ships Comments on this Dickie of Tarbert Gaff Cutter

Gaff cutter designed and built by A.M. Dickie of Tarbert in 1898.

Built for William James Yorke Scarlett, the Laird of the Isle of Gigha as a private ferry to travel back and forth from the mainland.  Gigha is an exposed island west of the Mull of Kintyre and it was imperative the inhabitants had a safe and seaworthy vessel capable of making the passage across to the mainland in any weather.

Her design is very interesting for the era with a severely cut away forefoot and a sharp rake on the keel giving her great performance under sail.

The yacht has been in the same family ownership since 1965, the current owner being the nephew of the couple who bought her in 1965 and owned the boat until 2006.  In the current ownership she has been upgraded and improved with a new better laid out interior, new electronics and navigation gear, new sails and a replacement engine.  The hull has also been repaired with keel bolts replaced, underwater recaulked and the stem repaired.

In recent years she has been used for extended cruising with North Sea crossings, a Round Britain adventure and trips to Brest and Douarnenez maritime festivals.

A superb sized yacht with a very interesting history and pedigree, brought up to date in the current ownership and ready for new adventures.

2022 survey available for inspection.


Length on Deck                                 31’6”

Length Overall                                   39’6”

Length Waterline                             28’6”

Beam                                                    9’8”

Draft                                                      6’2”

Thames Tonnage                             11TM

Working sail area                              828sqft

Nicholson Jolina Class Sloop

Wooden Ships Comments on this Nicholson Jolina Class Sloop

36’ bermudan sloop designed by Charles Nicholson of Camper and Nicholson, built by Clare Lallows, Cowes  in 1961 to Lloyds 100A1.

The design is called the Jolina and was built in large numbers in the 1960’s as a fast cruiser racer.  These boats were reasonably priced for the day, enabling more people to take part in the regatta racing and proved to be fast boats, easily handled and with beautiful lines.

This is one of the best Jolinas afloat without doubt, partly due to her rigorous recent maintenance work, but also because she seems to have been built and finished to a higher standard than many other Jolinas, with a particularly nice interior finish.

Bough by the current owner in 2014 from Ireland, since when she has been thoroughly upgraded and improved with a long list of work done, see below.  All work has been carried out by Nick Gates of Emsworth regardless of cost and this shows in the quality and level of finish of this yacht.

Known to be fast boats, she came 2nd in class at the Panerai British Classics regatta and won Concours d’Elegance at the 2022 Hamble Classics.

A truly beautiful looking boat in very nice condition with a detailed list of professional work done in recent years.


Length on Deck                 35’

Length Waterline             25’

Beam                                    9’

Draft                                      5’10”

Thames Tonnage             9TM


Recent Refit List

  • Transom rebuilt, 2016
  • Painted white and repainted every other year
  • Chain plates removed and replaced in bronze, 2017
  • New sails from Elvstrom, 2017, lightly used
  • New all over deck cover
  • New cockpit coaming. Bow fitting removed, galvanised and re-fitted, 2018
  • Keel bolts replaced with galvanised steel, 2020
  • Cabin sides stripped back and re-varnished, 2022
  • Window frames re-chromed, 2022
  • Seacocks checked and serviced
  • Topsides repainted 2021
  • New bronze floor bolts and graving pieces and floors re-galvanised, 2022
  • Re-varnished all round, 2022
  • New bronze rudder shoe, 2022
  • Cabin sides stripped back, re-splined and re-varnished, 2022
  • New shaft and Darglow feathering propeller 2022

Ashton and Kilner Gaff Cutter

Wooden Ships Comments on this Ashton and Kilner Gaff Cutter

26′ gaff cutter built in 1905 by Ashton and Kilner of Poole as a cruising yacht.  Assumed to have been designed in house at the yard.

This is a yacht that feels far bigger than her dimensions suggest and needs to be seen to be appreciated.

Bought by the present owners in 1983 and cruised extensively around the English Channel with several significant refit periods in that time including lots of new planking, a new stem, new iroko floors, rebuilt cockpit, new interior, complete new rig and a replacement engine.  She has proved to be a good passage maker, a notable run being Famlouth to Yarmouth, IOW in 26 hours.

Her history is very well documented from her early years, the second owner Henry R. Carson and his sister Beryl cruised from the UK to Copenhagen and on to Kronstadt in Russia in the years preceding the First World War and won several awards from the Cruising Association and the Royal Cruising Club with their detailed logs from the voyage.  After the War they sailed her through the canals of Europe to the Mediterannean and back via the Canal du Midi and the Bay of Biscay.

Her sailing qualities and prowess as a sea boat have been the key to her survival with each owner realising what a lovely yacht she is and plying her with care and good quality maintenance.  Although not a huge boat by length on deck, she has the feeling of a much bigger yacht and is as solid and safe a cruising boat as anyone could wish for.

“She has about her the unmistakable air of a capable cruiser” – Extract from an early Yachting Monthly article about the yacht.


Length on Deck                              26’4”

Length Overall                               34’

Length Waterline                          25’

Beam                                               9’

Draft                                                5’6”

Thames Tonnage                          8TM

Displacement                                 7.5 tons

Working sail area                          530qsft (605sqft with topsail)

Teal One Design Keel Boat

Wooden Ships Comments on this Teal One Design Keel Boat

Teal Class One Design built by E. Williams of Cowes in 1936 to a design by A.R. Luke.

9 yachts to the Teal Class design are known to have been built with possibly only 5 yachts remaining.  This example is certainly the best example around and is very original in many ways.  This one design racing boat has the most exquisite lines with one yacht winning the Round the Island Race in 1935 and this very boat, then named Britt, winning in 1936.

Over the last 12 years the boat has undergone a steady but detailed rebuild by the present owner, starting with the fundamental structure and working through the hull bit by bit.  The rebuild is now nearly complete with minor jobs and cosmetic work left to complete.  She is now at a stage where a new owner could customise the yacht to suit their particular needs, be that racing or cruising.

One of the most elegant designs of keel boat to be found afloat, currently very near the end of a detailed refit and ready for a new owner to finish off and enjoy.

Advertised at this very low price at the request of the owner who has thoroughly enjoyed the refit process and simply wants her to go to a new home where she can be finished and enjoyed.  All funds received from the sale will be donated to the Tectona Trust sailing charity.


Recent Refit Work

  • New bronze keel bolts and the ballast keel rebedded
  • Plank hood ends and garboards re-fastened with bronze screws
  • Various new frames replaced with either sawn oak or laminated oak
  • New galvanised chain plates
  • New main sailing deck beam
  • Complete new deck using 2 layers of marine plywood sheathed in epoxy glass cloth
  • New teak covering boards and toe rail
  • Old engine removed completely and the hull made good
  • Strip and re-varnish of the coachroof, cockpit, interior and spars
  • New upgraded mast step to a design by Ed Burnett with all new grown oak floors in way of the mast step
  • All floors replaced with Oak with the exception of two (the after most and forward most) all fastened with Bronze bolts/screws
  • New chain plates fabricated as the originals with chamfered edges and tapered through their length
  • Stem repaired by way of forestay fitting bolts. All refastened in new bronze
  • All sawn frame futtock bolts have been replaced with bronze
  • Cockpit sole framing replaced and fixed with bronze
  • All new timber repairs have been replaced with the original species and to original dimensions/sections where practicable. Any visible plywood (with the exception of the deck) has been replaced with solid timber eg cabin sole boards, in an attempt to put her back to her original form.


Length on Deck                                 30’6”

Length Waterline                             20’

Beam                                                    7’

Draft                                                      5’

Sail Area                                               400sqft

Displacement                                    2.6 tons

32′ Gaff Cutter

Wooden Ships Comments on this 32′ Gaff Cutter

32’ gaff cutter built in 1987 by David Patient to a design by Alan F. Hill.

Having been laid up for several years, she was purchased by the current professional shipwright owner and given a thorough cosmetic refit and numerous small repairs.  A second hand Volvo engine has been installed, a keel bolt removed in October 2022 for checking and an insurance survey carried out in 2022.

This is an unusual boat in that she has sleek yacht like lines but with a gaff rig.  The yacht is very spacious below decks with her generous beam giving a nice interior space.  The interior is quite basic and could be improved to make better use of the space but is quite useable as it is with 5 berths, heads and galley.

Externally she is very smart and the boat could be launched right away.  She has the potential to be a superb and capable cruising boat and is an interesting yacht indeed.

The asking price is for the boat launched and rigged, however negotiation on the price is possible to buy her as is in the shed.


Length on Deck                 32’6”

Length Overall                   37’

Length Waterline             28’

Beam                                    9’10”

Draft                                      5’6”