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Enquire about William Anderson Gaff Cutter

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Built as a yacht by William Anderson of Cumbria in 1912, her history has been well documented with many years cruising and racing the waters around the UK. Pitch Pine hull with a recent Teak on plywood deck, 6 berths including a double up forward, all solid varnished teak interior joinery. Ford Mermaid 48hp diesel new in 2014. Good rig and sails. Sailed single handed quite often, she is a fast yacht with many cups to her name but also a comfortable cruising boat.

  • Designer: Anderson, Vincent
  • Builder: Anderson, William of Millom
  • Year: 1912
  • Location: North Wales
  • Length on deck: 38'
  • Beam: 10'6''
  • Draft: 5'5''
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Enquire about 40′ Sole Bay Ketch

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A much admired Motor sailer ketch and 1 of only 3 built. Iroko on oak, copper fastened. Underwater hull is copper nickel sheathed. Perkins 6 cyl 120hp diesel. 6/8 berths in 3 cabins. She had a major refit in 1989 and has been maintained to the highest standards since 1996 in present ownership.
NEW SEPTEMBER 2014 PHOTOS AND VIDEO. The owner would be prepared to deliver her to a new owner.

  • Designer: Jones, J Francis
  • Builder: Gordon Armstrong Marine, Scarborough
  • Year: 1964
  • Location: Edinburgh, Scotland
  • Length on deck: 40'6
  • Beam: 12'
  • Draft: 5'
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Enquire about Norman Dallimore Ketch

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Designed by Norman Dallimore and built by Tucker Brown in 1947. Mahogany and larch on steamed oak timbers, sheathed decks and teak superstructure. Ford 80hp diesel rebuilt 2013 gives 8 knots cruising speed. 5 berths plus childs berth with owners cabin and forward cabin. Good headroom throughout. Bermudan ketch rig gives very acceptable sailing performance. An attractive and purposeful yacht with comfortable interior space in tidy condition, recently commissioned for the season and ready to sail

  • Designer: Dallimore, Norman
  • Builder: Tucker Brown
  • Year: 1947
  • Location: N France
  • Length on deck: 39'3"
  • Beam: 10'2"
  • Draft: 4'6"
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Enquire about Lello 38 Staysail Schooner

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Staysail schooner known as a Lello 38 and built in Cape Town in 1990. Sailed extensively through the north and south Atlantic, Baltic Sea and the Arctic and has many thousands of blue water miles logged. Immensely strong construction using strip plank Afromosia overlaid with Makore and resorcinol glued. Staysail schooner rig makes handling her very easy. 7 berths in a comfortable interior including 2 doubles. New Volvo diesel fitted 2005, recent rig and sails. Comfortable and capable offshore yacht in fine condition.

  • Designer: Lello, Brian
  • Builder: Dickinson Marine, Cape Town
  • Year: 1990
  • Location: Denmark
  • Length on deck: 37'9"
  • Beam: 12'3"
  • Draft: 5'6"
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Enquire about Linton Hope Yawl

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Built by Aldous of Brightlingsea in 1914 to a Linton Hope design, originally a gaff yawl with flush decks. Bought by present owners in 1976 and cruised extensively since with trips across the Atlantic and all round northern Europe, including Iceland in 2016. Teak on oak hull, well maintained and upgraded by present owners. Perkins 2004 diesel, lots of new sails in 2016. 6 berths in 2 cabins and saloon, masses of internal volume and fully equipped for cruising. NEW VIDEO

  • Designer: Hope, Linton
  • Builder: Aldous, Brightlingsea
  • Year: 1914
  • Location: Scotland
  • Length on deck: 40'4"
  • Beam: 11'6"
  • Draft: 6'6"
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Enquire about Dark Harbor 17

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Dark Harbor 17


Built in 2014 by a professional shipwright Floatsjackson from Ipswich to an American design from 1908 known as a Dark Harbour 17.5. Constructed using strip plank epoxy with a lead ballast keel. Keel stepped spruce mast with a gaff sloop rig, all new sails by One sails. A very simple yet stunning day boat in perfect new condition, complete with a new double axle road trailer for transporting. Elegant, easy to sail and immaculate condition, the perfect day sailer that will turn heads everywhere.

  • Designer: Crowninshield, B.B
  • Builder: Jackson Yachts
  • Year: 2014
  • Location: Ipswich
  • Length on deck: 25'10"
  • Beam: 6'3"
  • Draft: 4'3"
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Enquire about Kim Holman Rummer Yawl

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The Rummer Yawl was deisgned by Kim Holman for himself, and although not specifically meant for racing, the design did very well in the early years against supposedly faster boats. With shallower draft, more beam and a lower aspect rig than was common at the time, it was unconventional design that proved very popular. This is a professionally maintained boat with all modern B&G navigation systems. 4 berths with good headroom, an attractive, easily handled and capable boat in very tidy condition.

  • Designer: Holman, Kim
  • Builder: H King and Sons
  • Year: 1962
  • Location: Isle of Wight
  • Length on deck: 35'2"
  • Beam: 9'7"
  • Draft: 4'9"
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Enquire about Manx Nobby gaff cutter

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Believed to be a Manx Nobby and built as an engineless fishing boat. Major rebuild in the mid 1980's. Deck re-caulked and payed in 2017. Gaff cutter rig on wooden spars. Volvo 29hp diesel. 5 berths with large saloon. An eye catching big boat with a huge amount of deck space and very comfortable at sea. Currently in the midst of a spring refit, will shortly be ready for the season.

  • Designer: Traditional
  • Year: unknown
  • Location: Hants
  • Length on deck: 38'6"
  • Beam: 11'6"
  • Draft: 5'6"
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Enquire about Morgan Giles Bermudan sloop

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Designed and built by Morgan Giles in 1958 as a fast cruiser racer that could be easily handled. Major rebuild between 2000 and 2004 by present professional shipwright owners including new deck, new engine and systems and new rig. Very smart yacht in excellent condition and ready to go sailing. 4 berths with good headroom and separate heads. Hot and cold running water. Easily handled with roller reefing and lines led back to the cockpit. A fine yacht in lovely condition, now relocated to Dartmouth.

  • Designer: Giles, Morgan
  • Builder: Morgan Giles
  • Year: 1958
  • Location: Devon
  • Length on deck: 34'6"
  • Beam: 8'8"
  • Draft: 6'
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Enquire about 20 ton Hillyard ketch

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Built in 1965 by Hillyards, this 20 ton ketch was built to order for a gentleman who specified a higher quality boat than Hillyards normally built, which included the use of teak in all of the coachroof and dog house coamings, plus a taller rig for increased performance. Extensive and thorough refit between 2011 and 2015 including new rig, engine and systems. She is now a first class yacht, fully equipped with everything required for long distance cruising or comfortable live aboard. It would be hard to find a better Hillyard or a more comfortable and spacious yacht of this length.

  • Designer: Hillyard, David
  • Builder: Hillyards
  • Year: 1965
  • Location: Dartmouth
  • Length on deck: 42'
  • Beam: 11'7"
  • Draft: 5'6"
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Enquire about Holman bermudan sloop

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Designed by Kim Holman for himself and built by Tucker Brown to the highest standards with superb materials and top quality craftsmanship. The culmination of his illustrious career, described by Holman as his favourite design of all time, an accolade which certainly makes this gorgeous yacht a very special boat indeed. Refitted in 2016 with new rigging, sails and a thorough cosmetic refit. Volvo 18hp diesel, 4 berths with a separate heads. An absolutely stunning yacht with a rich pedigree which really makes her stand out from the crowd. Sailing photos courtesy of Emily Harris Photography.

  • Designer: Holman, Kim
  • Builder: Tucker Brown
  • Year: 1965
  • Location: Suffolk
  • Length on deck: 33'10"
  • Beam: 9'
  • Draft: 5'10"
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Enquire about Alan Buchanan Bermudan Sloop

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Built by Harry King of Pin Mill to a design by Alan Buchanan, typical of the time with short overhangs, elegant sheer and a cut away forefoot. In the present long and very experienced ownership she has sailed to the Azores and up to Shetland. Planked in Iroko and mahogany on oak frames with a teak over plywood deck. 4 berths with good headroom. Volvo Penta 28hp diesel installed in 2009. A well thought out and comfortable sailing yacht in good solid condition.

  • Designer: Buchanan, Alan
  • Builder: Harry King
  • Year: 1961
  • Location: Plymouth
  • Length on deck: 32'10''
  • Beam: 8'10''
  • Draft: 5'6''
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