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Enquire about Royal Mersey Restricted Class Gaff Cutter

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Built in 1913 on the Wirral, she was found by the current owner in a poor state and given to David Moss Boatbuilders at Fleetwood for a complete rebuild. This work commenced in 2005 and involved a complete rebuild including new keel, floors, planking, many frames, a new deck structure and a complete new rig to the original gaff cutter design. Finished off to a very high standard and maintained properly since completeion of the rebuild. 3 berths with sitting headroom and Baby Blake sea toilet. Small galley with an Origo spirit stove. A very pretty yacht with good pedigree and in superb condition. 2019 survey available.

  • Designer: G.H. Wilmer
  • Builder: Samuel Bond and Sons
  • Year: 1913
  • Location: Wales
  • Length on deck: 25'6"
  • Beam: 8'1"
  • Draft: 4'1"
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Enquire about Buchanan Saxon Class Sloop

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A very smart example of the Saxon class, designed by Buchanan and built by Priors in 1962 to Lloyds 100A1 classification. Mahogany on CRE frames with a sheathed plywood deck. Well maintained by some careful owners with a well documented history. 5 berths with good headroom, Perkins 30hp diesel, good sails and rig. A nicely designed and some would say perfect size boat, easily handled and a joy to sail.

  • Designer: Buchanan, Alan
  • Builder: RJ Priors and Son
  • Year: 1962
  • Location: Suffolk
  • Length on deck: 34'6"
  • Beam: 9'6"
  • Draft: 6'
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Enquire about Dark Harbor 17

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Dark Harbor 17


Built in 2014 by a professional shipwright Floatsjackson from Ipswich to an American design from 1908 known as a Dark Harbour 17.5. Constructed using strip plank epoxy with a lead ballast keel. Keel stepped spruce mast with a gaff sloop rig, all new sails by One sails. A very simple yet stunning day boat in perfect new condition, complete with a new double axle road trailer for transporting. Elegant, easy to sail and immaculate condition, the perfect day sailer that will turn heads everywhere.

  • Designer: Crowninshield, B.B
  • Builder: Jackson Yachts
  • Year: 2014
  • Location: Ipswich
  • Length on deck: 25'10"
  • Beam: 6'3"
  • Draft: 4'3"
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Enquire about Sole Bay Ketch

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Sole Bay Ketch


A much admired Motor sailer ketch and 1 of only 3 built. Iroko on oak, copper fastened. Underwater hull is copper nickel sheathed. Perkins 6 cyl 120hp diesel. 6/8 berths in 3 cabins. She had a major refit in 1989 and has been maintained to the highest standards since 1996 in present ownership. Udated 2019 photos. 2017 survey available

  • Designer: Jones, J Francis
  • Builder: Gordon Armstrong Marine, Scarborough
  • Year: 1964
  • Location: Edinburgh, Scotland
  • Length on deck: 40'6
  • Beam: 12'
  • Draft: 5'
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Enquire about Sparkman and Stephens Finisterre Yawl

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Built in Hong Kong for an English owner to the S&S Finisterre design, a 40' yawl with proven pedigree. The hull is planked in full length top quality teak which is extremely durable. Yacht laid teak deck over a marine plywood subdeck. Shallow draft of only 4' with the plate up, centreplate made from Lignum Vitae wood. Comfortable original interior with 5 berths and god headroom. Cruised extensively in current long ownership, much of it with a husband and wife crew, trips to the Azores, northern Europe, up to Iceland and everywhere in between, a well traveled, easily handled elegant yawl. NOVEMBER 2020 SURVEY AVAILABLE

  • Designer: Sparkman and Stephens
  • Builder: Wing on Shign Shipyard, Hong Kong
  • Year: 1960
  • Location: Wales
  • Length on deck: 39'6"
  • Beam: 11'4"
  • Draft: 4'
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Enquire about Falmouth Quay Punt Yacht

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Built by local Falmouth yard Burts in 1930 as a yacht but to the lines of the traditional Quay Punts that worked the waters around Falmouth. Pitch Pine on oak frames all copper fastened. Recent extensive refit with a new laid deck, rebuilt interior and much improved cockpit and hatch arrangement. Absolutely stunning condition inside and out. Recent Yanmar 30hp diesel, good rigging and sails. An extremely smart example of a very interesting pre-war yacht with spacious interior and easily handled rig.

  • Designer: Burt, R.S.
  • Builder: R.S. Burt and Sons
  • Year: 1930
  • Location: Cornwall
  • Length on deck: 29' + bowsprit
  • Beam: 9'2"
  • Draft: 5'6"
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Enquire about 6 meter rule Gaff Cutter

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Designed and built to the 6 meter rule in 1905, she is a very early example of the class and has been in present family ownership for 50 years. Recent professional refit including new mast. Planked in Pitch Pine on oak frames, all bronze screw fastened. Gaff cutter rig on Noble Spars mast. 4 berths in smart interior. A stunning looking yacht with superb performance in the right conditions, currently in good sound and smart condition.

  • Designer: Stow, A.E.
  • Builder: A.E. Stow, Shoreham
  • Year: 1905
  • Location: Devon
  • Length on deck: 33'
  • Beam: 6'6"
  • Draft: 4'6"
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Enquire about William Anderson Gaff Cutter

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Built as a yacht by William Anderson of Cumbria in 1912, her history has been well documented with many years cruising and racing the waters around the UK. Pitch Pine hull with a recent Teak on plywood deck, 6 berths including a double up forward, all solid varnished teak interior joinery. Ford Mermaid 48hp diesel new in 2014. Good rig and sails. Sailed single handed quite often, she is a fast yacht with many cups to her name but also a comfortable cruising boat.

  • Designer: Anderson, Vincent
  • Builder: Anderson, William of Millom
  • Year: 1912
  • Location: North Wales
  • Length on deck: 38'
  • Beam: 10'6''
  • Draft: 5'5''
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Enquire about 41′ Gaff Cutter

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Built in California in 1904 and rebuilt in America in 1983. Imported to the UK where the present owner sought professional advice to re-design the rig and get the boat balanced and manageable. This was achieved and she is used regularly in the Solent for weekend sailing and classic regatta racing. An impressive looking boat with 8 berths, separate heads and galley and decent headroom. Traditional set up on deck with tackles and belay pins. An unusual and fine yacht, sensibly priced and ready to sail. June 2017 survey available.

  • Designer: Traditional
  • Year: 1904
  • Location: Hants
  • Length on deck: 41'
  • Beam: 9'
  • Draft: 8'
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Enquire about Morgan Giles Bermudan Cutter

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Designed and built by Morgan Giles in 1914, refitted by the present owner in 2017/2018. New rigging and sails, rebuilt Beta engine, new laid teak deck, rebuilt cockpit and refitted interior. Pitch pine on oak hull with a teak deck laid over the old pine T&G deck. Beta 20hp diesel with Darglow Featherstream propeller. 4 berths including a large double forward A very smart and elegant yacht, in commission and ready to sail.

  • Designer: Morgan Giles
  • Builder: Morgan Giles and May Ltd
  • Year: 1914
  • Location: Devon
  • Length on deck: 30'
  • Beam: 8'
  • Draft: 4'6"
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Enquire about 33′ Miller Fifer ketch

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One of the finest Miller Fifers afloat, maintained to a superb standard by her professional shipwright owner over the last 30 years. Millers were built to the lines of Scottish fishing boats with similar scantlings making them extremely strong, tough and capable motor yachts. Re-engined with a New Holland 85hp diesel, giving 7 knots cruising speed. Good condition standing rigging and sails. 5 berths including a double with excellent headroom. 2020 survey report plus a detailed documented history from the last 30 years, the condition and presentation of this boat are exceptional. A very capable but easily handled cruising boat in excellent condition. Will be handed over fully commissioned and ready to go.

  • Designer: James Miller
  • Builder: Miller and Sons
  • Year: 1962
  • Location: Devon
  • Length on deck: 33'
  • Beam: 10'3"
  • Draft: 4'10"
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Enquire about Loch Fyne Skiff inspired yacht

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Inspired by the Loch Fyne skiffs and launched in 2005, this is a very strong and capable yacht built by the present owner. Conventional construction of carvel Larch planking on heavy laminated frames. Fitted with a junk rig, she has proved fast yet easy to handle. Volvo Penta 75hp diesel. A very interesting and unusual boat with masses of space below decks. Interior partly removed by present owner and will need finishing.

  • Designer: Traditional
  • Builder: Sebastian Hentschel, Germany
  • Year: 2005
  • Location: Germany
  • Length on deck: 37'3"
  • Beam: 11'6"
  • Draft: 6.'1"
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