Wooden ships comments on this Merlin Rocket sailing dinghy.                Devon            £3250

The Merlin sailing dinghy was first developed by Jack Holt in 1946, later merging with the Rocket to become the modern Merlin Rocket with a over 3000 boats built and a keen race following.
The design concept limited only length and beam thus allowing a very flexible development of the class resulting in the latest design with extreme beam – trapezes not allowed – so different from the first boats.Merlin Rocket sailing dinghy

This is Sail No 8 so a very early example.

Length     14’
Weight    98kg

Clinker planked mahogany with 9 planks per side, copper nails and roves to delicate steamed oak timbers and built like a piece of furniture.
Ply fore deck with spray breaker, mast stepped on the deck behind the spray breaker.
Roll round ply side decks.
Wide aft deck.
Ply centre-board in a mahogany box.

Re-rigged recently with Collars spruce mast and boom, new sails at the same time.
Stainless steel sheet horse.
Stainless steel rigging.
Boom-up cover.

The following link is a superb piece of archive footage from 1946 showing this very boat, Merlin No. 8, sailing in Christchurch.


A superb example of the boat builder’s art as well as being a very good early example of the class. These are performance boats, exciting to sail, easy to tow, quick to rig.
Surely not just a sailing dinghy, this is sailing heritage.