Wooden ships comments on this Morgan Giles design New build lugsail dinghy

8ft Lug rig sailing dinghy.                         Lying Devon.        £3,500.

 Morgan Giles design New Build Lugsail dinghy

A replica of a 1916 Morgan Giles design, the Pip Emma, which Morgan Giles built for his children.


This is a One off new build by ex-Spirit Yachts shipwright Ben Charney.  He took the lines off Pip Emma which is kept at the Falmouth Maritme Museum,  strengthening her to enable two adults to sail her.




7mm Sweet Chestnut planking.  Black Walnut transom and stern.

Sweet chestnut rudder, bronze gudgeons and pintels.

Sweet chestnut leeboard, internally weighted with lead.



Ash mast and spars, oiled.  New tan terylene lug sail.  Traditional running rigging, belay pins on forward thwart.


2 x 6’6” oars, oiled.  Douglas Fir with Mahogany strips running through and black walnut tips.


2 x sweet chestnut chocks, leather lined to sit boat on out of the water.


She has been built with planks 1mm thicker than the original, a few more ribs, and thicker transom, gunnels and keel.


Light enough to go on a roof rack.