Wooden Ships Comments on this National 18 sailing dinghy

The National 18 Restricted Class began in 1938 following a design competition for an 18’ sailing dinghy, suitable for day sailing but fast enough for racing.

Well known designer Uffa Fox won the competition with his ‘Ace’ design for a clinker built wooden boat.

In 1967 the Class voted to allow GRP construction, although the wooden designs continued to win National Championships up until 1977.

This example is Hull no 145.

National 18 Sailing Dinghy




Clinker mahogany planking on oak timbers.   Marine ply foredeck and sidedecks.  Wooden centreboard.




Bermudan Sloop.   Timber mast and boom.   Mainsail 130 sqft.  Jib 57.75 sqft.  Age unknown, terylene.





Road trailer (needs servicing).