Sell Your Boat

We always welcome new owners who are looking to move on and sell their yacht.  If you are thinking it is time to put your boat on the market, please send us an email or call us and we can discuss the best way to proceed.  We like to look at every boat we sell and photograph her so we can give prospective buyers and much better understanding of the boat before they travel to view themselves.  We are regularly on trips to different areas of the UK and Europe to inspect boats and meet with clients and owners so it is never too long before we are able to see most of our boats offered for sale.

If you would like our specification forms please get in touch and we will email the forms to you.

Like all UK brokers, we charge commission at 8% + VAT of the selling price.  No sale no fee.  All advertising is at our cost.  We do not insist on sole brokerage but we do like to lay out an agreement from the outset if there are other brokers involved.