The Wooden Ships Archives

Wooden Ships Archives

After more than 35 years of running the brokerage, we have built up a long list of boats and yachts we have either sold or inspected all over the world.  Up until last autumn, these archives were a slightly disorganised mess in the cellar below our office.  However, after wasting far too much time looking for past information on particular boats, it was decided that something had to be done.

This was not a job to be relished, however the task was given to Richards mother Pam Gregson who has spent many hours locked in the cellar going through mountains of paperwork and box loads of old photographs.

The result of four months hard work is a very well organised set of filing cabinets with details of over 5000 boats going back the last 35 years.  The paperwork is backed up with many thousands of photos, most of which were taken by Peter on his travels over the years.

To us this is a very useful resource that we regularly dive into when people approach us with new boats to sell, and often we can tell the owners more about the boats than they know themselves.  The next stage will be to digitise the whole archive to ensure its longevity, and possibly, if Peter ever finds the time, he might use the information to write ‘THE BOOK’ which he has talked of for many years!


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