Wooden Ships Comments on this Fairey Duckling

Designed by the famous Uffa Fox and produced in the 1950’s and 1960’s.  Built by Fairey Marine, Hamble more famous for their high speed power boats, they employed the same construction method which resulted in a relatively lightweight and very strong wooden hull, free of internal frames, making them ideal as yacht tenders or sailing dinghies.

This Duckling is hull number 615 and belonged to an RAF sailing club where she was used until recently as a tender.  Refurbished by the previous owner so she is now in good solid sound condition.



Hot moulded double diagonal Agba wood, the laminations glued together and vacuum packed in large ovens.  This was the typical way in which Fairey built their boats from the Duckling to the 33’ Super Swordsman.  Varnished mahogany capping rail all round.  Sculling notch in the transom.

Varnished mahogany thwarts and dagger board box with a covered forward area.

Wooden daggerboard and a kick-up rudder and tiller.

Weight approximately 135 lbs.



Gunter rig on all wooden varnished spars.  Single shrouds and a single standing forestay.  Double ended mainsheet through eyes on the transom

Mainsail and jib in the original cotton, well used condition.



Oars and Rowlocks

Launch trolley


Slatted sole boards