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Pram dinghy

(REF: 18430)


  • Designer: Traditional
  • Builder: Newman's of Poole
  • Year: 1960's
  • Location: Plymouth, Devon
  • Length on deck: 7'9

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Full specification

Wooden ships comments on this Pram dinghy.                                                         Lying Plymouth                       £1,500

Pram rowing dinghy built by Newmans of Poole, date unknown but probably not later than the early 1960s when boats like this were built by many yards, often by the apprentices.  Such little pram dinghies were usually built as tenders and a yacht of any reasonable size would often be sold with such a little boat on deck.

She can be lifted by 2 people though probably not onto a car roof rack without a third hand. As a tender on the coach-roof of a yacht she could be handled on a halyard with relative ease.

Pram dinghy


Clinker laid mahogany planking, 9 planks per side, on steam bent oak timbers secured with copper nails and roves in the traditional manner.


Mahogany thwarts to give  2 rowing positions subject to load + a stern seat.

Single lodging knees to the thwarts + lodging knees in the corners aft and forward.

The thwarts and thwart knees have been replaced recently.

Sculling notch in the transom with doubler on the inner face.

All brass fittings have been replaced.

Loose fitting scrubbed teak sole boards.

1 pair of oars, new bronze rowlocks and a flat bladed sculling oar included.


The retired owner has spent many hours restoring and re-varnishing the whole boat, inside and out, top and bottom. She is now ready to go afloat.

Like most clinker planked boats she may need a few hours in the water to take up.