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Morgan Giles West Channel Class

West Channel One Design from the pen of F.C. Morgan Giles and built by Morgan Giles Ltd in 1948.

Bought by the present owner in a dilapidated state, a major rebuild commenced in 2010 with the boat being launched in 2016 although not quite finished.  She went into a shed where work continued until the refit came to a halt in 2020.  The boat has since been sat undercover and the owner having moved abroad wants to find a new custodian to continue the work that is very nearly complete.

Below is a list of work done so far:

  • Hull rebuilt with 32 new frames and 4 new floors
  • New 24mm Bulkhead in way of the mast
  • New deck structure including deck beams and plywood
  • New coachroof including coamings and coachroof deck
  • New interior partially fitted, needs completion
  • Low hours Beta engine ready to install
  • New Collars mast with the boat, complete with mast fittings


She needs rigging and sails, systems, electrics and interior completion.

The hull is in superb condition and all the hard work has been done by the current owner.  She is being offered at a low price to encourage a quick sale and to ensure the boat goes to the right person who is able to complete the works required.


Length on Deck                      26’4”

Length Waterline                   21’6”

Beam                                       7’

Draft                                       4’4”

Thames Tonnage                    5TM

Heard 28 Gaff Cutter

Wooden Ships Comments on this Heard 28 Gaff Cutter

Heard 28 gaff cutter built by Gaffers and Luggers of Falmouth in 1989.

A heavy displacement long keeled traditional hull design from Percy Dalton, with lines inspired by the Falmouth working boats but built in GRP.  The Heard range of gaffers have been very popular over the years with the 28’ hull finished in various designs of deck and interior layout.

This yacht has benefitted from several periods of refitting and upgrades giving her an excellent inventory of equipment to make her a competent and comfortable cruising boat.  Autopilot, self tailing winches, bow thruster and boom gallows are all features to help make her an easily handled yacht whether single handing or with a crew.

The bowsprit can be reeved up very easily to reduce the overall length and therefore cost of mooring.

I nice example of this well respected design, fully equipped and very capable.


Length on Deck                          27’10”

Length overall                            43’

Beam                                            10’2”

Draft                                             5’

Displacement                              8164kg

Sale Area                                     71sqm

35′ Buchanan Sloop

Wooden Ships Comments on this 35′ Buchanan Sloop

Designed by Alan Buchanan and built to Lloyds 100A1 by Harry King & Sons, Burnham in 1960.

She remained in Lloyds Class until 1983.

Bought by the current owner in 2010, she has been sailed extensively with trips around the UK and northern Europe.  In 2020 she had a refit with new mast, sails and rigging and replacement Yanmar engine along with new shaft and propeller.

Her design is typical Buchanan and offers excellent headroom and interior space.

A well proven and capable yacht with a rich and well documented history.  Recently refitted and ready for the season.

Offered at a very attractive price as the owners are moving abroad and need to find a new home for the boat.

2020 survey available.


Length on Deck                      35’1”

Length Waterline                   27’1”

Beam                                       9’11”

Draft                                       6’3”

Thames Tonnage                    12TM

Sail Area                                 610sqft

Golant Gaffer Gaff Cutter

Wooden Ships Comments on this Golant Gaffer Gaff Cutter

19’ Golant Gaffer built by the current owner to the well known Roger Dongray plans.  The boat was completed and launched in 1991.

The Golant Gaffer is a popular design with traditional lines and rig, but built from modern wood/epoxy strip plank methods which make for a low maintenance and tough hull.

A brand new Yanmar 2YM15 engine was fitted in 2022 but has hardly been used since.

Comes with a good quality twin axle galvanised road trailer and all over winter cover.  Finished in paint rather than varnish for a low maintenance boat.


Length on Deck                 18’9”

Length Overall                                   25’

Length Waterline                             17’9”

Beam                                                    7’

Draft                                                      2’9”

McGruer 8 Meter Cruiser Racer

Wooden Ships Comments on this McGruer 8 Meter Cruiser Racer

8 meter Cruiser Racer (8mCR) yacht designed and built by McGruer & Co. In 1963.

McGruers built 15 of these yachts, distinctive with their elegant lines and familiar raised dog house aft, which is iconic McGruer.

The 8mCR  was developed after an amendment to the original 8 meter racing yacht rule, creating a fast and elegant yacht with comfortable accommodation for her crew, enabling the yacht to travel between regattas and house her crew in comfort.  With their 8 meter pedigree these boats are exciting to sail and turn heads everywhere.  The Clyde became a strong hold of the class with a large active fleet through until 1975.

This yacht is perhaps one of the most well known of the class, commissioned by Peter Odlum, a stalwart of Irish sailing but no stranger to Clyde racing or west coast cruising.  She was his second McGruer designed 8mCR,.  Built to Lloyds 100A1, in her first season she scored 17 wins from 25 starts and won the Lloyds Register Yacht Trophy.  Peter Odlum continued to enjoy racing success and enjoyable cruising with INISMARA, before commissioning James McGruer to design the yawl, RINAMARA, launched in 1968.

With just her third owner, she was purchased in 1995 by her current custodian after an extended lay-up of some 10+ years in the sheds at McGruers. Lovingly re-commissioned, great care was taken to maintain the boats original specifications while sympathetically modernising some areas.

A very well presented yacht oozing pedigree and charm.


Length on Deck                      41’7” / 12.7m

Length Waterline                   27’3” / 8.3m

Beam                                       9’9” / 3.0m

Draft                                       6’2” / 1.9m

Sail area                                  667sqft

Thames tonnage                     12TM

Displacement                         7796kg

Daniel Bombigher Shpountz 44-40 Schooner

Wooden Ships Comments on this Daniel Bombigher Shpountz 44-40 Schooner

Daniel Bombigher Shpountz 44-40 schooner launched in 2012.

Bombigher designed this schooner from the keel up as a comfortable, safe and capable cruising home, something the design has proved itself to be.

This yacht was built in France and launched in 2012.  After a few years of light cruising, she was put ashore in a covered shed and has been dry stored for 4 years and has been professionally maintained and upgraded leaving her in possibly better than new condition.

These boats are very capable sea boats with a versatile yet powerful rig that is easily handled and can be altered to all manner of weather conditions and sailing angles.  Her shallow draft with a deep centreplate enables her to access areas similar size deep drafted yachts cannot, yet the centreplate gives her excellent performance at sea.  The owners frequently passage plan on 8 knots and have seen speeds of 11-12 knots without being out of control.

The deck layout offers plenty of space for working the rig and relaxing, while below decks her spacious accommodation is ideal for long distance cruising and living aboard.

After launching the yacht, the owners undertook sea trials and set sail in 2013 on a planned world adventure.  They voyaged through the Mediterranean and sailed with just 2 people across the Atlantic and explored the whole Caribbean, heading north To Nova Scotia where the boat was put in a shed for the winter of 2014.  After carrying out upgrades and improvements, she sailed south in 2015 to Bermuda, then west towards Panama.  Sadly health issues for the owners put a stop to their plans, the yacht was brought back to France as deck cargo and laid up inside a shed in 2016 where she has remained ever since.  She has been thoroughly maintained despite remaining in the shed and is well looked after, aired and cleaned.  The boat will need to be removed, machinery and systems commissioned, rig set up and sea trials conducted, but there should be very little work to do on this superb yacht before she is ready to sail once again.

A superb and relatively recent yacht, fully equipped and ready for a serious adventure.


Length on Deck                          48’7” / 14.82m

Length Overall                           61’ / 18.6m

Length Waterline                       41’10” / 12.74m

Beam                                            17’ / 5.2m

Draft                                             5’10” / 1.77m – 8’6” / 2.6m

Knud Reimers Tumlare Sloop

Wooden Ships Comments on this Knud Reimers Tumlare Sloop

Tumlare designed by Knud Reimers, one of 6 boats sailed to the Aldeburgh, Suffolk in 1935.  Built by Hjalmar Johannson in Gothenburg, Sweden in 1935.

This distinctive yacht, developed from the Scandinavian Skerry Cruiser type, was designed in the 1930’s with many examples built in Sweden.  In the UK, a class grew up in Aldeburgh and St Mawes but the design really came to fame after Adlard Coles won the 1950 Trans-Atlantic Race in the slightly larger (32’) Cohoe.  In Heavy Weather Sailing, Adlard Coles describes a cruise in the Tumlare Zara when he experienced quite extreme conditions in the Channel.

The Tumlare has a slim, slippery hull with elongated forward sections and the distinctive canoe stern with stern-hung rudder.

She has a high aspect fractional Bermudian rig with the fore-stay set well inboard from the stemhead.

This yacht was rebuilt by Scottish boat builder David Spy in 1992 for a client who never put the boat afloat but did have the hull and decks totally rebuilt.  She was later discovered in a barn in 2009, more refit work completed and has been professionally maintained by Demon Yachts of Alderburgh and Geoff Hunt Boat Building ever since.

She comes with a double axle road trailer and a complete suit of quality sails from One Sails.  A very well presented example of the class.


Length on Deck                          27’2”

Length Waterline                       21’8”

Beam                                            6’5”

Draft                                             4’2”

Weight                                          Approx 1800kg

Daniel Fyfe Loch Fyne Skiff Gaff Cutter

Wooden Ships Comments on this Daniel Fyfe Loch Fyne Skiff Gaff Cutter

Built in 1895 to a design by Daniel Fyfe at the yard of Morrris and Lorimer on the Clyde.

Daniel Fyfe was related to the first William Fife of Fairlie and clearly boat building ran strong in the family DNA.  Born in Ardrossan, he became a shipwright of note, eventually settling in Millport as Daniel Fyfe & Son.

The Loch Fyne skiff style of hull was familiar to him as he built many fishing vessels and private yachts alike based on this seaworthy and pretty hull.  These boats had evolved with the aid of naval architecture to be an excellent design, eminently sea worthy with very attractive lines.

The yacht was commissioned by Noel Guinness, a solicitor from Dublin and part of the brewing family.

The current owner bought the yacht in 1993 and spent the first few years of ownership sailing her hard and covering a lot of miles around the west of England, Ireland and Northern Europe.  After an accident one dark stormy night on her berth, the yacht was taken ashore for minor repairs which developed into a 27 year total rebuild carried out by the experienced and talented shipwright owner.

The work involved all new hull planking, frames and deck plus a complete new interior and systems.  The work has been finished to a very high standard and the boat is presented as though she has just come out of the shed.  She was re-launched in June 2022.

Registered on the National Historic Ships Register.

A very elegant yacht of excellent pedigree in as new condition, a superb blend of history and modern practicality to create an excellent yacht.


Length on Deck                      27’9” / 8.46m

Length Overall                       37’6” / 11.43m

Length Waterline                   25’4” / 7.72m

Beam                                       8’3” / 2.51m

Displacement                         5 tonnes

Brixham Sailing Trawler DEODAR

Wooden Ships Comments on this Brixham Sailing Trawler DEODAR

Built in Brixham in 1911 by Robert Jackman & Sons Shipyard as a Brixham Sailing Trawler.

Commissioned by Henry and Edward James Hellings who were fishmongers in Milford Haven and assigned the fishing number BM313 and fished with a trawl net around the Bristol Channel and the West Country.

In 1937 she was sold to Sweden, renamed Rigmor and converted to a cargo vessel for carrying ice and other goods.  She continued to work commercially until 1959 when she became a private vessel.  She was purchased by a group of friends who started fitting her out for weekend sailing trips.  It was quickly discovered the hull was in very poor condition and in need of extensive refit work.  The ownership group dwindled until at last was left just one man who is still the owner of the vessel to this day.  In 1983, after many years of patching the boat up to keep her sailing, she was slipped and a major hull rebuild commenced.  This work involved replacing the majority of the planking and frames and a new iron girder along the outside of the keel to stiffen up the hull.  This work was carried out slowly over several years, all painstakingly completed by the owner with absolute dedication and determination.  In 1993 a complete new deck structure was fitted including beamshelf, deck beams and deck planking.

In 1996 she made her first trip back to Brixham, since returning twice more in 2005 and 2015.  She has participated in in numerous Tall Ships events around Europe, sailed to the Brest and Douarnenez festivals and has been sailed every summer since 1972.

The work has been ongoing with a replacement engine installed in 2001, along with further underwater planking replacement at the same time.  Work has been carried out at Beckholmen Historical Shipyard in Stockholm.

Deodar, part of the Cultural Heritage of Sweden, is one of the jewels of the Swedish traditional fleet and is a testament to her long term owner who rebuilt the vessel and has kept her up to a very high standard ever since.

Viewing through our Swedish representative.


Length on Deck                          78’10”

Length Overall

Length Waterline                       69’

Beam                                            19’

Draft                                             9’

Working Sail Area                     2863 ft²

Gaff Cutter Golden Vanity

Wooden Ships Comments on this Gaff Cutter Golden Vanity

Built in 1908 by Sanders and Co, Galmpton on the River Dart.  The design was known as the Mumble Bee class of Brixham Sailing Trawler but unlike many of her sisters who went to sea as fishing vessels, she was launched as a yacht for the marine artist Arthur Briscoe who used her as a floating studio, recording working lives at sea in the early 20th century.  Briscoe had a very recognisable style in his art work, his pictures providing a snap shot of life at sea for men on the sailing trawlers and other working vessels.

Through the 1970’s her then owner sailed her across the Atlantic a number of times, including taking part in the 1972 OSTAR single handed trans-Atlantic ocean race.

In the early 1980’s she underwent a major 5 year rebuild after being bought by the newly formed Golden Vanity Trust.  She then worked as a youth sail training vessel taking part in several Tall Ships races, working as an RYA training boat and introducing all manner of young people to the work of traditional sailing.

Sold to the present owners in 2019 she has continued to be used as a commercial vessel providing sail training, holidays and adventure around the Solent, West Country and English Channel.

She underwent a very thorough refit in 2020/2021 as detailed below, her commercial licence was renewed to category 2 and she is now presented in very smart condition, fully equipped and ready to go as a commercial or private yacht.

Her length, coupled with her generous volume and space below decks mean she would make an excellent private yacht, providing a relatively easy to handle platform with lots of living space and separate berths.

She is listed on the National Historic Ships Register.


Length on Deck               39′

Length Overall                 53′

Length Waterline            36′

Beam                                12’2″

Draft                                6’8″

Thames Tonnage            21TM



Refit work 2020-2021

  • New mast
  • New standing rigging
  • Chain plates refurbished and new chain fitted
  • New running rigging with various new blocks
  • Hull, covering boards and bulwarks stripped to bare wood and re-painted.
  • Some areas of the hull re-caulked
  • Deck largely re-caulked and re-payed
  • All old internal iron ballast removed, bilges cleaned and new lead ballast installed with 20kg prisms.
  • Engine
    • Pulled out.  Cleaned, repainted
    • Engine bay degreased, painted
    • New s/s drip tray fitted
    • Racor filters fitted
    • Solenoid fuel cut off fitted
    • All pipes changed
    • Stern gland repacked
    • New engine start panel
    • Fire proof and sound insulation fitted


  • Fully rewired
  • Hot water calorifier fitted
  • Heads space gutted and refurbished. New heads and new sink.
  • All sea cocks replaced
  • All hosing replaced
  • Beading round coachroof fitted
  • Various bits of metal work taken off and zinc treated
  • Plumbing all renewed
  • Keel shoe stripped and zinc treated.
  • New galley cooker
  • New fridge
  • New cabin lighting throughout. (LED)
  • New Nav lights (LED)
  • Capstan removed, refurbished and refitted
  • New water tank
  • All electronics and electrics throughout replaced.
  • Webasto cabin heating fitted
  • New mainsail, staysail and sail cover