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9′ McNulty Lugsail Dinghy

Wooden Ships Comments on this 9′ McNulty Lugsail Dinghy

9’ Clinker Lugsail dinghy built by McNulty Boats in the mid 1980’s.

Build No. 2853

McNulty Boats are known for their high quality traditional dinghies, and although not in business any longer, their dinghies are well sought after when they come on the market.

Great little family boat for the kids to learn to sail, easy to launch and look after with great pedigree.


Length              9’

Beam                 4’

Iain Oughtred Tammie Norrie Rowing Dinghy

Wooden Ships Comments on this Iain Oughtred Tammie Norrie Rowing Dinghy

Iain Oughtred Tammie Norrie rowing skiff first launched in 2023.

Built by the owner to the Tammie Norrie design.  The hull is strip plank cedar rather than glued clinker plywood which makes her stand out from the crowd.

Finished to a very high standard with excellent attention to detail.

Hull is painted in 2 pack polyurethane paint for a low maintenance finish.  All varnish is 7 coats of Epifanes Clear Gloss.

Being an epoxy sheathed hull finished in 2 pack paint she will require little maintenance and will be a robust boat.

A very pretty and exceptionally well finished boat in as new condition.


Length on Deck            13’6”


16′ Bass Boat

Wooden Ships Comments on this 16′ Bass Boat

Believed to have been built in Scotland in 1962 but here is no exact confirmation of this.

Known as a bass boat, the high bow and generous beam make her a stable and safe platform, originally for inshore fishing but these days she would make an excellent family boat.

Length              16’

Beam                 5’8”

Salcombe Yawl Y55

Wooden Ships Comments on this Salcombe Yawl Y55

Salcombe Yawl Y55 built by Stones Boatyard in 1967.

Refitted and maintained by a local shipwright since 2015.

Good condition training sails and older full size sails.  All over cover, and road trailer.

Nice original example, ideal family cruising dinghy or for some relaxed racing with the fleet.


Length              16’

Beam                 7’

15′ Clinker Dinghy

Wooden Ships Comments on this 15′ Clinker Dinghy

Built by Cyril White of Brightlingsea in the 1960’s although her exact history is unknown.

No doubt designed as a stout boat for local use, she has 2 rowing positions and can take an outboard on the transom.

Excellent freeboard, stiff bilge sections and good beam make her a stable, capable and safe boat for family use.

Complete with trailer and outboard engine.


Length              14’9”

Beam                 5’6”

Kittiwake 14 Yawl

Wooden Ships Comments on this Kittiwake 14 Yawl

Kittiwake 14 yawl built by Kittiwake boats in 1995.

The boat was built for TV presenter Alastair Dickenson and has been well cared for in the present ownership.

She had a professional refit in 2022 where she was completely re-varnished along with new running rigging.

She is complete with a brand new 2023 winter cover and good quality road trailer.

A lovely little boat ready for the summer


Length on Deck            14’3”

Length Overall             15’10”

Length Waterline         14’

Beam                               4’10”

Draft plate down         3’

Designed weight          320kg

Windermere Char Fishing Skiff

Wooden Ships Comments on this Windermere Char Fishing Skiff

Built as a Windermere Char fishing boat, her age and exact origins are unknown.  Boats of this design were used for fishing the Arctic Char in Lake Windermere, using long rods over each side.

This boat was found by the owner on a bonfire heap and seeing her for what she was, bought the wreck and started a complete rebuild.  The boat was names Phoenix after her close encounter with the flames.

The hull planking was largely intact, but all the frames were replaced and the hull totally re-fastened.  She had a new stem, all new gunwhales and thwarts, new sole boards and a rudder was fitted using 100 year old pintles from another skiff.

The work has been completed to a very high standard and the boat has only been used lightly since her re-launch.  She has a galvanised road trailer and 2 pairs of sweeps.

An eye catching skiff in excellent condition, complete with road trailer.


Length              17’4”

Beam                 5’ + 8” for the outriggers

Moorman Bros Clinker Rowing Dinghy

Wooden Ships Comments on this Moorman Bros Clinker Rowing Dinghy

Built by Isle of Wight boat builder Peter Moorman of Moorman Bros, Isle of Wight, in 1966.  She was commissioned by and built for an uncle of the present owner, the original purchase invoice is still with the boat showing a total of £115 including extras of the side benches and the foredeck.

Designed as a stable and safe fishing dinghy for use around the Isle of Wight, she has always been kept and used on the island.

Kept undercover and launched when used, she seems to be in very nice condition and is a complete package with launching trolley, engine and cover.


Length on Deck            12’

Beam                               4’6”

Solent Scow

Wooden Ships Comments on this Solent Scow

Solent Scow sailing dinghy built by Adrian Stone on the Isle of Wight in 1989.

Recent professional refurbishment including all new alloy spars and a brand new sail.

The Solent Scow is said to have been developed in Edwardian times when local yachtsman Captain Nicholson found his blunt nose pram dinghy not suitable for the choppy waters of the Solent.  In 1912 he instructed local boat builder Dan Bran to build a dinghy that was in effect a small pram with a conventional stem.  The design took off in the 1920’s and 1930’s with fleets all around the Solent, all with slight variations.  They were built in their hundreds by various yards around the Solent including Berthons.

In late years the design was built in GRP and from the mid 1980’s another slightly altered design came out, the brain child of boat builder John Claridge, which has seen the Scow become a popular racing fleet in several harbours around the Solent to this day.

This particular boat is unusual as she is one of the later boats but built from wood rather than GRP.  Probably commissioned by an individual who wanted to race with the scows but did not want a GRP boat, she is a particularly nice example in very nice condition.  She benefits from the modern Scow rig with alloy spars and an as new sail from Sanders Sails, plus she has the modern Scow rudder and centreboard design.

The boat was given a recent refit with a complete new rig, sails and mast step.  The hull was stripped externally to bare wood and re-varnished and the inside of the hull sanded back and re-varnished.

Length                        11’3”

Beam                        4’8”

McNulty Longstone Sailing Dinghy

Wooden Ships Comments on this McNulty Longstone Sailing Dinghy

McNulty Longstone clinker sailing dinghy built by McNulty Boats to their popular Longstone design.

As usual with McNulty the build quality and materials are first class.  The hull was antifouled this year and is varnished inside and out.

Complete with a recently bought road trailer with a piggy back launching trolley and fitted cover.

Pretty boat, easy to row and sail, perfect for family adventures up the rivers and creeks.


Length on Deck                 12’

Beam                                    4’10”

Weight                                    180kg

Sail area                                 78sqft